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Uncovering the Mysteries of Taiwan's Offshore Islands: The Ocean Tales

Updated: Apr 1

Six months in the making, started from early summer to mid-autumn, our new episode “The Ocean Tales, Taiwan’s Offshore Islands” is finally here. Through the meaning of the Ocean, we are taking you to experience some of the most distinctive offshore islands of Taiwan. In this episode, we have also invited some of the prominent figures in Taiwan such as Bulareyaung Pagarlava and his Bulareyaung Dance Company (performing Qaciljay), and Yeman Sailing team to share their connection and feelings for the ocean.

跨足六個月的拍攝與製作,從台灣的初夏到秋天,我們新的My Inspire Project系列影片《海洋神話 | 台灣離島之美》終於能夠與大家見面。透過海洋所賦予的涵義,我們將台灣幾個最具代表性的離島,包括澎湖,龜山島,小琉球與蘭嶼彙整在一起,編織成最難忘的海洋神話特輯。在這一集的影片中,我們也邀請到台灣重量級的表演藝術家布拉瑞揚以及他的布拉瑞揚舞團客串演出 《阿棲睞 作品》,還有台灣航海探險先驅野蠻部落團隊,一起和大家分享對海的感情與聯結。

To earn about about each specific island and its travel tips, please click on below links:

You could also enjoy our first ever Behind The Scenes video documents some of the most interesting highlights and moments during the production for our Ocean Tales episode. We decided to share and showcase how we work with you all so you could see our lives are actually not as glamorous as what it seems in the frames.


Special Thanks:

Bulareyaung Pagarlava | Bulareyaung Dance Company

Yeman Sailing

Gucci Taiwan

Bottega Veneta Taiwan

All Saints Taiwan

227 Society

大海的天空MareCielo INN

Laguna 那。故事水岸莊園

澎湖旅行 Penghu88

Tec Only Lanyu Diving Center


Si Javitong 希雅飛動

Cammier Huang

Cardin Chiang

Miao Chen

Grace Yang


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