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Liuqiu, an Eco Paradise in Taiwan | 台灣海洋生態天堂,小琉球

We officially kick off our island series in Taiwan. Since we could not return to the Mediterranean Sea this summer, we decided to make the most of our time here and explore Taiwan's islands. The first stop would be this Little Liuqiu.

Liuqiu is the only coral island in Taiwan and is about 13 kilometers (8 mi) southwest of Taiwan Island. It is known for its little fish town vibe, ecological setting, and crystal clear water. In the last decade, the traditional fishing island has been transformed into an eco-paradise for sea life and visitors.

With the landscape of Taiwan Island from the horizon, we start the island life from the shore's iconic Flower Vase Rock. You could even spot Green Turtles coming out from the water for some fresh air. Then we head up to the balcony and roof at our home away from home at the Santorini-like Mare Cielo villa to soak up the sun, enjoying the exotic setting that brings back the Greek memories Islands.

After leaving the charming Baishawei Fishing Village, we start the island tour on an electric scooter. There are rarely cars on the tiny island, and therefore, eco-friendly transportation is the best option to enjoy this tropical paradise. It is essential to cut down our carbon footprint during our travels.

Stepping into the water on the golden beach at Shanfu Fishing Harbor, we start our journey under the water. After spotting the colorful tropical fish, a giant green sea turtle swims towards us and forages right in front of our camera. The green turtle is an endangered species protected strictly by law in Taiwan, and we should not touch, harass, or feed the turtles during your encounter with them. I wish I could live a carefree life like the sea turtles here!

We ascend from the water and arrive at Duziping Intertidal Zone for more Vitamin Sea. The protected area can only be accessed with local guides, and it is the perfect classroom to learn more about sea life. Here, you could easily spot and feel the sea urchins, starfishes, sea cucumbers under the shallow water during low tides.

After the playful moments at the Liuqiu Yu Lighthouse and the century-old banyan tree, we arrive at Houshi secret beach and admire the fringing reefs in the surrounding area. Towards the end of the day, we make a stop at the scenic Venice Beach on the island for a dramatic sunset view to wrap up this sweet tropical getaway.








Below are our favorite picks for Liuqiu Island. There are mostly local spots that do not have direct translation or names in English, we will do our best to provide our feedback and tips. In addition, many local spots offer different business hours during the peak and off seasons, and might have different days off during the week, we suggest to call before heading or paying a visit.

Place to Stay

小琉球大海的天空 MareCielo INN

Address: 929, Pingtung County, Liuqiu Township, Benyu Road, No, 102

Phone: +886 915 155 815


琉球茶室復古館 Tea House

Address: No. 7, Xinyi Road, Liuqiu Township, Pingtung County, 929

Phone: +886 966 837 338

朵貓貓海景民宿 Peekapoo

Address: 929, Pingtung County, Liuqiu Township, 肚仔坪路60號之 8 號

Phone: +886 8 861 3758



Place to Eat

夏味鮮 私房合菜海鮮

One of our favorites for Local Seafood, interesting menu with great layers of flavors. Recommend to get seated indoor with AC and suitable for groups and sharing.

Address: No. 35, Minsheng Road, Liuqiu Township, Pingtung County, 929

Phone: +886 8 861 3683


An exclusive fine dining spot with less than ten seats in the restaurant. The menu offers fusion Japanese cuisine along with local seafood and ingredients. It is amazing to find a quiet spot with great quality without any tourists.

Address: 929, Pingtung County, Liuqiu Township, 中山路一巷七號

Phone: +886 8 861 1396


A simple and hidden local spot, you can find great southern Taiwanese flavors here throughout their noodles, soup and rice dishes.

Address: Sanmin Road, Liuqiu Township, Pingtung County, 929

Phone: +886 8 861 4457


Another great local seafood spot, limited seating but lots of daily fresh offerings.

Address: No. 123號, Zhongzheng Road, Liuqiu Township, Pingtung County, 929

Phone: +886 989 220 626


Our favorite hand crafted shaved ice shop on the island. The brown sugar shaved ice covered in tropical fruits is a must-have!

Address: 929, Pingtung County, Liuqiu Township

Phone: 0913 819 799


Address: No. 166-1, Zhongzheng Road, Liuqiu Township, Pingtung County, 929

Phone: +886 918 762 127


Things to Do

Scuba Diving/ Fundive/ PADI Diver Course

We recommend:

居琉潛水 Stay Liuqiu Diving (Also Divers Housing Available)


Phone: +886 937 980 670

Inter-tidal Zone Tour

(Scheduled Tour Only)

Get close to the sea creatures such as sea urchin, starfish, sea cucumber and tropical fish in the protected reserves during the low tide. It is truly the best classroom to learn more about sea life.


Place to See

We have pinned down and saved all our favorites for you. Go visit, check out and save our Liuqiu List on Google Maps!


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