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Island Hopping in Penghu, The Pearl of Taiwan Strait | 台灣澎湖跳島之旅

This past summer, we found the ultimate island escape in Taiwan at Penghu archipelago, the county formed by ninety little islands in Taiwan Straits. With the white sandy beaches among the black basalt rocks, the region provides a Greek island vibe. Penghu Islands is also the first stop before reaching Taiwan for immigrants leaving from China back in the days. Therefore, there is a rich history of piracy and colonization. You can spot some of the oldest temples and traditional Hokkien homes and culture, along with the rich natural landscape.

Our island hopping starts from the Mu-Dou Islet, located at the northern tip of Penghu. Before the lighthouse was built, many shipwrecks occurred in the area due to the collision with the submerged reefs. The black and white lighthouse is the highest in Taiwan and far East region. We are so lucky to enjoy the exclusive island all to ourselves, and it feels simply magical.

I have always loved the beach, with the salty water and wind in my face, the crew and I arrive at the impressive Jibei Sand Tail, where we enjoy the much-needed vitamin sea. Then we hop on the clear kayak to explore pristine Peng Peng Beach, which just surfaced from the ocean and officially made it to the map in recent years. It feels like you suddenly arrive in Maldives.

Coming to Magong City, we check in to the luxurious Laguna Villa with a stylish arrival. The seafront villa provides excellent privacy, comfort, and style, from pool, jacuzzi to million-dollar-view balcony. It is indeed the finest of island living in Penghu.

From modern to traditional, we hop on a time machine and head to the past. We scroll through the charming alleys in the historical Erkan Village, enjoying local seafood and the mesona tea shaved ice. We discover a large family mansion, The Erkan residence, owned by the Chen clan. It features relief carvings, windows, doors, and eaves in the classic southern Fujian style with many wings. The exquisite craftsmanship, rustic yet refined simplicity highlights the skills of its builders. Before hopping on the boat again, we pay a visit to Tianhou Temple, the oldest Mazu (Chinese Sea Goddess) temple in Taiwan, praying for safety and well being for each of us.

Our Black Mamba speedboat takes us to numerous uninhabited islands in the East Sea region. These islands are shaped by typical basalt mesa land form with a shoreline bounded by cliffs made up of neatly stacked basalt columns. We send hello and farewell to millions of greater crested terns that are making a stop here before migrating to the south for the winter.

Penghu is likely to have the greatest concentration and number of stone weirs in the world. The iconic heart-shaped stone weir is made and formed by piled rock walls in an intertidal zone. At high tide, the fish swim into the weir and are trapped when the water ebbs again at low tide. It is a brilliant way of fishing.

After the sea, we come back to land to explore the retro-futuristic architecture around the island. Before heading to the airport, we cross the Penghu Great Bridge, the first sea-crossing bridge in the far eastern, during the golden hour. By viewing the extraordinary oceanic vistas, listening to the roaring tides, and feeling the bracing sea breezes, we can not think of a better way to wrap up this incredible island living journey.



我一直很熱愛海邊,跟隨著海風,我們來到令人印象深刻的吉貝沙尾,享受壯闊的碧海藍天。接著我們跳上透明的獨木舟,探索最近幾年剛從海洋浮出水面的澎澎灘。這裡的美景就好像身處在馬爾地夫。接著我們在敞篷車的代步下抵達Laguna 那。故事水岸莊園。從無邊際泳池,到無敵海景陽台,這棟海濱別墅提供極高的隱私,舒適性和設計風格,讓我們這次在澎湖的住宿成為行程的亮點之一。





Place to Stay

Laguna 那。故事水岸莊園

Address: 880, Penghu County, Magong City, 井子垵 100 號

Phone: +886 6 995 2806

澎湖灣行旅 Penghu Bay Resort

Address: No. 1, Jieshou Road, Magong City, Penghu County, 880

Phone:+886 6 926 0055


Place to Eat

清心飲食店 Ching Shih Seafood

Address: 88142, Penghu County, Xiyu Township, No. 77-2

Phone: +886 6 998 1128

癮餐廳 Addict Restaurant

Address: No. 47, Linsen Road, Magong City, Penghu County, 880

Phone: +886 6 926 1009

二崁老樹下剉冰 Old Tree Shaved Ice

Address: 881001, Penghu County, Xiyu Township, No.29

Phone: +886 934 080 321


Things to Do

Penghu 88 澎湖旅行

Island Hopping, Peng Peng Beach, Kayaking, Paddle Boarding

Penghu Firework Festival 澎湖國際海上花火節

(Usually takes place in early summer)


Places to See

We have selected and saved our picks for Penghu Archipelago. We recommend to visit the island county from May to end of September to avoid the windy seasons.

Check out our favorite spots on Penghu Archipelago:


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