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Set Sail to Turtle Island & Milk Sea in Taiwan | 龜山島 牛奶海 ft. 野蠻部落

Before the summer came to an end in Taiwan, we got a last-minute opportunity to join the Yeman Sailing crew for the last sail to Turtle Island. Turtle island is a small, solitary island located about 10kms off the coast of Toucheng in Yilan County, Taiwan. It is one of the only two active volcanos remained in Taiwan. The island's volcanic terrain looks like a floating turtle in the sea from far, hence the name "Turtle Island."

Among the island's features are high cliffs, steaming fumaroles, mountain peaks, sea-eroded caves, and the best of all, welling underwater hot springs that cause the Milk Sea phenomenon. The seabed hot spring offers a faint smell of sulfur in the area, the milk-colored hot spring spurting from the seabed, mixing the seawater with a lighter blue, and locals give the place a nickname of "The Ying Yang Sea."

Sailing has become more prevalent in Taiwan in recent years. It is lovely to find people like Yeman Sailing Crew, who share such great respect and passion for the ocean. Joined with a few friends on board, we set the sail and rode the wind to the Capri of Taiwan. It was an eventful and adventurous journey indeed as we experienced all types of weather in one day. Make sure you watch the video till the end!



近年來,出海航行在台灣越來越風行與普遍。很高興能在自己的家鄉遇到野蠻部落這群年輕的海上探險家,一起分享對海洋的敬意和熱情。這次我和幾個好朋友一起乘船出航,在牛奶海上玩SUP 與浮潛,找尋屬於台灣自己的卡普里島。而我們也在一天的航程內經歷了各種不同的天氣與挑戰,一定要觀看到最後才會知道我們的龜山島之旅是多麼的驚險刺激!

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