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The Rebirth of New York (Part One)

Updated: Apr 4

"It was like an apocalypse.

The world was forced to shut down, so was New York City.

Many things we took for granted, no longer exist.

It was supposed to be a short goodbye.

And 18 months later, I am finally back."

My Inspire Project

The new episode is a celebration of the grand return of New York City. As New York City always has open arms for everyone, the city is where many people belong. We said New York Strong, the city and its people have been through so many crises in the past, but we always manage to bounce back. The pandemic has had effects on every New Yorker and business and left many places in despair, including restaurants, Broadway shows, and many more. As a New Yorker, we know New York is all about survival, and the city perseveres and reinvents itself. The story is about the people, the culture, and the rebirth of the city.

Somewhere between living and dreaming, there is New York. The return starts from the arrival to Dumbo in a Ford Thunderbird 1965, then through Brooklyn Bridge to SoHo, Times Square, and Chelsea neighborhood. Many things have changed in the city but our memories and faiths remain. While showcasing the iconic places and some of the best living experiences in New York, we have invited the principal at Dante NYC, Linden Pride; Preston Mui, the choreographer/ performer at Hamilton; Latitude 40°N Yacht Charters crew and Benny Benack III, a rising jazz musician, to share with us their stories and resilience through the pandemic.

As we were all in this together, it is wonderful to feel the energy of the locals and rebuild the city altogether. Through all the familiar faces and places, we finally feel at home again. The city is more alive than ever, and a surge of hope and positivity is already here for the new chapter of New York City.

在新的一集My Inspire Project 系列影片中,我們終於在疫情後回到了紐約。在與紐約分離一年多後,回到城市裡其他紐約客相聚的心情除了興奮,也很複雜。紐約重生之路之首部曲是慶祝我們與這座城市再次的相遇。紐約市總是張開雙臂,迎接每個人的到來。這座城市一直是許多人的歸屬地,在過去經歷了很多挑戰,但紐約客們總能設法重新振作起來,把危機變成轉機。ˋ疫情對每個紐約人和當地的生計都產生了影響,並使許多地方陷入絕望,包括餐廳、百老匯等等。作為紐約人的一分子,我們知道紐約都是為了生存,這座城市持續不停地重塑自我,也啟發了我們這次的故事。

從搭乘 Ford Thunderbird 1965 敞篷車開始,我們帶領大家一路從布魯克林的Dumbo, 跨過布魯克林橋,再到下城,蘇活區,時代廣場,還有雀兒喜區。在重遊紐約的同時,以人文的角度切入,透過知名的紐約客,Dante NYC 餐廳團隊,因疫情而產生的私人遊艇公司,百老匯藝術表演者與知名爵士音樂家來闡述新冠病毒的疫情是如何影響這座城市,以及他們在突然的變化中所產生的生存之道。


Special Thanks:

Dante NYC | Linden Pride

Latitude 40°N Yacht Charters | Ben Zoffness | Capt. WIll Lugo

Vuyo Sotashe

Jennifer Jade

Mathis Picard

Bryan Carter

Renee Cruz

Irwin Hall



Copyright of GLOREN Co.

Publisher Henry Hu

Creative Director | Executive Producer Andrew Chen

Director of Photography Giuseppe Mottola

Camera Operator Marco Vitale

Editor Pascal Blaurock

Senior Producer Damien Brulhart

Associate Producer Claire Hsu


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