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Embracing Taipei's Local Culture in Style: 時 尚 台

Updated: Apr 11

People often say Stay Local and Live Local. This holiday season, we accept the challenge to combine fashion with some of the most local elements in Taipei. Watch the entire story to see how we embrace Taiwan's culture through a stylish local adventure.

A morning usually starts slowly with a visit to the traditional Binjiang Market for grocery and some of the unique fruits in Taiwan. Then we slip into a quiet corner in the tea house, a pot of fine Taiwanese tea would be a great alternative to wake up in the morning if you were not a coffee person.

Having the fishing rod ready, we are going shrimp fishing to kill some time and have some fun. We also get to step back in time, finding some delicious dry goods and great additions to our home decor through the traditional alleyways and houses on Dihua Street.

Modern lifestyle could be stressful, but we have some folk remedies such as Knife Massage and Foot Reflexology to de-stress. And after some delicious bubble tea, we arrive in Ximenting to try out some luck and skills with the claw machine.

You can't complete a day without some real Taiwanese food, from the famous stinky tofu, stir fried dishes to street food in the night market. Last but not least, let's welcome the starlight and sing the night away at our fantasy land in Sing Go. You can tell we take karaoke very seriously here...



透過台北的大街小巷,我們呈現不同以往的時尚台體驗。 根據故事內容與場景來設計不同的穿搭,穿梭在都市間與不同情節互動,還要兼顧時尚風格與原汁原味的台式文化,其實是有挑戰性的。從濱江傳統市場、茶室、釣蝦場、迪化街、饒河夜市與西門町。


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