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Being Legacy From Now On with JHENG Jewellery

Updated: Apr 1

Many people have asked me about the secret of living life to the fullest, the answer is simple: To Stay Curious and Motivated. As art is life and life is art, culture and creativity have become the fuel of my daily life.

Every time I return to Taiwan, I always try to look for new things that are reminiscent of this unique island. When I first encountered JHENG Jewellery, there was an immediate bond. The family-owned fine jeweler has more than a century of history. They share the passion and story through those one-of-a-kind and custom-designed pieces, combining the most exquisite craftsmanship with the oriental zen aesthetics. Every piece is wearable art that connects the person's attribute and character with the culture behind it.

"Art Jewellery" best describes the collection created by JHENG, and it is something I adore. Instead of having those precious pieces sitting in the safe, I love to incorporate the jewel into the everyday lifestyle. To me, waking up with some playful gems works better than coffee in the morning. The unique piece inspired by the Taiwanese Opera Facial Mask is made of lemon quartz, black and white diamonds, pearls, and white gold, it can be worn as a brooch, a pendant, or even better as a piece of art in a frame that sets the tone of my office. It reminds me of my roots and childhood memory with a modern approach.

The Icon Collection is the best partner for my business meetings and luncheons. The construction and setting for slice diamonds are intricate but vivid, full of energy and persona. As the evening falls, I enter the museum-like flagship boutique of JHENG to review the designs and select the perfect piece for the evening gala. Every selection is a state of life and art, and it is hard to make up my mind. Finally, I settle on the stunning long necklace with kunzite stone and black diamond details, paired with a matching ring for the perfect arrival. Every entrance is the start of a legacy, and it is just the beginning. .

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很多人問我精緻與豐富生活的秘密,答案很簡單:源源不絕好奇心和動力。因為藝術就是生活,生活就是藝術,所以文化和創造力儼然成為我日常生活的精神糧食。 每次回到台灣,我總是試圖發現與這個獨特島嶼有特殊連結的新事物。當我第一次認識JHENG高級珠寶時,立即產生了許多默契與連結。這個台灣的高級珠寶家族已有百年的歷史,他們透過獨特的設計以及訂製作品分享品牌故事與熱情,將最精湛的珠寶工藝與東方美學相融。每一件作品都是可穿戴的裝置藝術,將人的性格與其背後的文化聯繫在一起。



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