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My Inspire Project on Yahoo! Finance

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

NEW YORK, NY / February 5, 2020 /

Andrew Chen, a storyteller turned entrepreneur, receives his nomination of the 1st International Influencer Award in 2018 for his exemplary contribution to My Inspire Project.

The marketing expert, digital media influencer, and an absolute curator, Andrew Chen, has made himself an epitome in New York and Taiwan. He has been a benevolent partner to many organizations like LVMH Group, Gilt Groupe, Bergdorf Goodman, and Issey Miyake. Apart from his achievements as a multi-professional icon in Marketing, Business Development, Digital Strategy, and Multi-Channel Retailing, Andrew is also a member behind the Luxury Education Foundation. He has been an extremely talented personality even during his academic years. His certification from Parsons School of Design and his international education background speak for his ladder of success.

With risks come great responsibilities. In the same manner, Andrew Chen converted his risks, fear, and strength to bring on to the podium, My Inspire Project.' This global thought platform is the coagulation of Co-Founder, Henry Hu, and Chen's unbeatable thoughts in terms of the travel and luxury industry. My Inspire Project is a channel that connects clients with the potential audience. Apart from luxury and travel diaries, Andrew leaves no room for adapting different cultural experiences and curated lifestyle into his project. The business of these two hard-working entrepreneurs is connecting with the millennial generation irrespective of caste, gender, creed, sex, or religion.

The building of this great example of holistic activities did not happen in a day. When Andrew Chen decided to take a leap from the corporate industry and start helping designers and brands to manifest a brand consciousness in the digital media, My Inspire project came into force. For more than a decade, the pioneer of the design industry traveled to extreme places, executed VIP events, and conducted social media assessments to make a formula like a project. Slowly and steadily, by the end of 2018, the platform started to gain humongous feedbacks from customers. The graphics, video, and brand messages were bold enough to attract viewers across all latitudes and longitudes. These permutations and combination gave birth to one of the rising Influencers in early 2018, Andrew Chen.

Andrew and Henry's My Inspire Project is responsible for creating superior content for corporate business holders and high-end individuals who demand unique and impactful writings. In addition, the company has already collaborated with art organizations, hospitality groups, LGBT communities, tourism boards, and fashion houses across the globe. My Inspire Project's team has discovered a new medium for celebrating the unheard voices of individuals. Using the professionals of the ‘Project,' one can transcend the value of positive living and sustainability too. The company is known worldwide for its curation in the luxury world. My Inspire Project is determined to bring out expertise in planning, trend analysis, and forecasting them at large scale. Andrew focuses more on the market trends of North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East regions for understanding the global trends in the travel and luxury branch.

After receiving global recognition, the company began to run smoothly with prolific talents coming in to make it a concrete platform for international causes and concerns. According to the owners, My Inspire Projects stands on 3 pillars, "Individuality," "Exclusivity," and "Authenticity." Keeping these 3 parapets in mind, the company is also launching on social media platforms on Red in China. Andrew understands that for any entrepreneur, the Chinese market holds great importance. To keep up to the level of the markets of China, the company will soon launch a travel film for Suzhou. This film will render insight into the culture, color, and vintage for knowing the market from a close focal length. The main aim of the organization is to connect the lifestyle, tradition, and moral values of the East and the West through My Inspire Project. Unlike other trip advising channels, Andrew Chen does not keep his travel tips too sophisticated. He curates in a well-versed and simple manner so that the audience can gain knowledge from it. The project also collaborates with many premium travel agencies such as South America based VMElite, for co-designing and curating various exclusive programs and experiences. To be a member of the community and obtain further information about My Inspire Project, look up to their website (

About Andrew Chen Andrew Chen, as said earlier, is an earnest entrepreneur who wants the audience to reach the global exotic spots, learn destination, cultural values, and travel tips through his project's social media channels involving YouTube, Red, and Instagram and soon his own website and newsletter for close members. See the Original Article on Yahoo! Finance.


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