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HOSHINOYA Guguan, A Mountaintop Treasure Trove For The Perfect Hot Spring Experience

Updated: Apr 4

It has been a challenging year for many of us. As Covid-19 spread throughout the world, we have been laying low and waiting for the better days to come. Finally, we have seen some lights as the outbreak has been under complete control in Taiwan. We are grateful to be able to travel here and introduce you to the incredible hot-spring experience at the new HOSHINOYA Guguan in Taiwan, HOSHINO Resorts’ first luxury hot spring resort outside of Japan.

Located on a plateau in Guguan, an inland historical hot spring town in the beating heart of Taiwan, HOSHINOYA Guguan offers a panoramic view of the valley carved out by the Dajia River. Upon arrival, you enter the resort through a bamboo forest that leads you into a futuristic reception area that feels like a contemporary art museum. The open space immediately transports the guests into a new different world.

At HOSHINOYA Guguan, you will find the subtle luxury and absolute harmony between art, architecture, and nature-rich environment. The poetic landscape with the water channeled through flower-lined canals in the Water Garden provides the perfect setting for walks. The sound of water is also flowing throughout the property that brings you the healing energy from every corner.

The most beautiful moment of Guguan comes during the rain when the clouds and fog paint the mountains and forests. We enter a scene out of mythology through the view from the floor-to-ceiling window at our elegant Yue suite. It was serene and peaceful, with an ease that you could not find anywhere else. The room laid out in a maisonette style, with the living area and bedroom on one level and the bath area on another. Follow the raindrops; we come to the public onsen. Each bath hall features an indoor and outdoor bath. The Japanese-style indoor bath is surrounded by aromatic wood and positioned next to a picturesque framing of Guguan's natural beauty. The open-air bath is more aesthetically Taiwanese with an avant-garde design while still harmonizing with the landscape's contours and colors.

We step out from the water garden's gazebo after resting from a refreshing hot spring treatment and welcome the night. The Kaiseki style dinner is a vital part of the Japanese hot spring experience. It requires three elements: exceptional ingredients, meticulous culinary technique, and beautiful dishware that accentuates the food experience. With the everyday ingredients from both a Japanese and Taiwanese perspective, the food truly connects the people and surroundings.

We start the sunny morning with a unique Taiwan-White-Pine flavored shaved ice with the backdrop of the forest. Then we sit in the Japanese-style floor-level tables to enjoy the one-of-a-kind Ice Brick Cold Noodles (only five sets per day!) for lunch. It is a truly memorable meal.

Later in the afternoon, we catch the sun and enjoy some refreshments and cocktails made with Makao spice from the indigenous tribe in the region. The irregular shape of the pool makes you feel like swimming in a pond in the middle of the forest. Finally, we wrap up the day in our own exclusive hot spring bath in the room, enjoying the moment of

relaxation with privacy and our dialogue with the surrounding nature.

* There are currently eight properties among the HOSHINOYA Collection: HOSHINOYA Karuizawa, HOSHINOYA Kyoto, HOSHINOYA Taketomi Island, HOSHINOYA Fuji, HOSHINOYA Tokyo, HOSHINOYA Bali and HOSHINOYA Guguan.

對許多人來說,2020是充滿挑戰的一年。隨著Covid-19的疫情影響,我們一直等待能再次旅行的機會。由於台灣已經完全控制疫情,我們很慶幸能夠在這個島嶼上遨遊,並介紹新的 虹夕諾雅 谷關(星野集團在日本外第一個頂級奢華溫泉度假村),以及其令人驚豔的溫泉體驗。

虹夕諾雅 谷關 坐落在台灣溫泉古鎮谷關的至高點,映入眼簾即是大甲河谷的全景。抵達渡假村後,必須先穿過一片神秘的竹林,再進入猶如現代藝術博物館的接待區。在這裡,您會感受到藝術,建築和自然環境之間的低調奢華與和諧。我們能愜意的在花草樹木中詩情畫意的散步,並處處聆聽流動的水聲所帶來的療癒能量。




*目前星野集團共有8間虹夕諾雅。分別是虹夕諾雅 輕井澤,虹夕諾雅 東京 ,虹夕諾雅 富士,虹夕諾雅 京都,虹夕諾雅 沖繩,虹夕諾雅 竹富島,虹夕諾雅 峇里島以及虹夕諾雅 谷關,都各有特色,非常值得探訪。

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