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Welcome to My Inspire Project: Finding Inspiration in Everyday Life

Updated: Apr 11

Welcome to My Inspire Project

For those who haven't met me yet, I am Andrew. I am from a small island of Taiwan, with a big vision and open heart towards the world. People see me as a character, I'd rather call myself a living expert. After years of living abroad, I found my mission: to live an extraordinary life and share my discovery around the world with you all.

Started from New York, we have made our way to South America, Western Europe, Mediterranean Sea, Middle East and East Asia, including my hometown Taiwan. We have grown from an one-man show to a full lifestyle channel and we could not ask for a more rewarding and fruitful progress so far.

Jumping from One Culture to another, we stay humble and respect how much the world has to offer. What really drives us is the passion and thirst for creativity, authenticity and unique experience. These are the new luxury elements that would truly spark to our hearts.

In the meantime, we have also witnessing the challenges and issues around the world that we could not ignore. Through our characters and stories, we hope to build the awareness for equal living, eco-tourism and sustainable lifestyle that could help those beautiful moments to last.

Expect a curated, authentic and unique experience from everywhere we go. We are the storytellers that are living the dream with bigger missions and visions for the future and generations to come.

We hope you would enjoy the ride and invite more people to join our discovery.

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