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Announcing My Inspire Project "Star Token" on Fyooz

Have you ever thought about being a "Token" yourself?

I know this term may still be new to many but we are now ready! We are honored to join other top talents in the world such as Lil Yatchy, David Broeckelmann and Felix Fischer to launch our own Star Token on Fyooz. Fyooz is a marketplace registered in Switzerland powered by block chain, it is a marketplace for celebrities, brands, destinations, events and causes to tokenize attention and influence, building a direct financial bond and easily granting access, preference and participation to loyal followers.

Everyone roots for something or someone and so do we! Whoever you are and whatever you like, you are passionate about the things you love. You support, you like, you share, and you follow. Now loyal followers can participate in the success of what they are passionate about, and gain economic, other benefits and functionalities. For example, if you buy our MIP Star Tokens, you could gain early access to our events and offerings, as well as being part of the naming process for our future films and episodes.

It has been a long and rocky ride, but we thank you for your love and support. We hope you could also grow with us and be part of our adventure as always.

It is time to Invest in What You Believe In!

在現在這個數位化的年代,有沒有想過那一天自己成為一種代幣? Token 對許多人來說也許還是新鮮詞,但是我們已經準備好跟大家分享我們加入Fyooz 的消息。我們很榮幸的成為亞洲第一位登上Fyooz 的單位,更與歐美許多著名歌手與名人一起上市! Fyooz 是瑞士的一個新興的區塊鏈虛擬市場,主要代表明星,運動家,藝術家,景點,活動等有號召力與影響力的單位,販售他們的明星代幣(Star Token)。

我們都是某位名人的粉絲,也曾經追星過,但是現在,你可以把自己的熱情與觀察到的潛力轉換成助力與小小的投資,跟著你最欣賞的名人或是企業一起成長。 當你投資的名人在不久的將來更發光發熱的同時,你手持的代幣面值也會翻倍,屆時再做交易了結,享受你眼光與喜好培養出的獲利。 每一種明星代幣通常會在購買時附上不一樣的附加待遇,像是特別混音版本歌曲或是簽名海報等等。購買我們的MIP 明星代幣的同時,就有機會加入我們的VIP 名單,享受比別人更早一步的活動與優惠,同時也有機會參與並協助決定我們未來新的影片命名!


It is time to Invest in What You Believe In!

Official Website & Platform:

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